Click here for details and booking links on Campbell and Son in Mexico - for the third year - Oct 6-13, 2023.  Come join the fun!!

A few fun times.

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main deck sing a long.mp4

Watch for the monkey stealing my guitar case at about 14 minutes in!  So cool!

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Sing along to some originals!

Please sing along to the chorus of Ken Campbell's, "Speed Dial."

You're the only number on my speed dial, 

only pair of dirty feet that makes me smile,

when you're angry with my honey I just wait a while,

You're the only number on my speed dial!

Join in on the fun with these lyrics from the chorus of my song 'Change my life'.

 " Change my life, I'll get sober. Change my life, I won't get high. Change my life, quit all my vices, and be sad, 'till the day I die! "